5W Focus adjustable

AC & DC 2 modes rechargeable working flashlight
Intrinsically Safe and Ultra Tough for Hazardous Workplace
Users friendly interface for infinitely adjustable levels of focus, to adjust loosen head makes focus ramp up or down, tighten to set at desired focus level. Wide beam is ideal for light the path, intense spot penetrates deep into the darkness.
• Brilliant 393 lumens of white light illuminate the area you need.
• Foldable head lets you adjust the light where you need it
• Cordless - no cords to get tangled up
• Rechargeable LI-Ion battery –no partial charge memory effect
• High strength magnets stick to metal surfaces
• Adjustable focus allows you to set at desired focus level
• Bright LED- 50,000 hours life
• Microprocessor controlled
• Aluminum Alloy body-impact resistant housing
• 3.5 hours charge time
This Aluminum Alloy 5W Zoom LED Torch is a perfect portable source for different areas: aircraft technicians, tradesmen, auto mechanics, repairmen and industrial maintenance. It is also the perfect ideal for DIYers, campers, hobbyists, exploration, rescue, Anti-disaster, anti-typhoon and other emergent situation. . Perfect for emergencies - in a power failure, shine it on the ceiling and it will light up an entire room – for 10 hours.