• 20w white+yellow light
    20w white+yellow light

1202-Award item( 20W)

 1.    White/Yellow Mix COB LED light    

2.    360°Swivel hanger

3. Fine-tuning adjustment Lumen Switch

4. 360° swiveling angle adjustable with strong magnet   

5. Built-in Li-ion battery with 3350 mAh

6. Lighting time: Full light approx. 2.5 hrs Half light approx. 8 hrs

7. 4 hrs charging time

8. 5 V 2A USB charger and Cable include



The White/yellow mixed Slim light is built with a fine-tuning adjustment Lumen switch which has variable Light Output from 0--770 lumens. It is rated for 8 hours of work time at half power, and 2.5hrs at full power. The 360° swivel and stay base features a 20lb magnet that can be removed very easilyThis light is designed for harsh conditions and dirty environments and includes a steel collapsible hanger. It is USB rechargeable (includes wall adapter and Micro USB cable) and is built with a Lithium Ion 3350 mAh battery that has a charge time of 4hrs. Includes overcharge protection and auto idle mode. This new product is designed for the harsh conditions of difference workplaces where grease, grime and solvents are an everyday occurrence. Due to popularity of its design, and particularly the magnetic base and 360° swivel, this product can now be found everywhere from different applications. Variable Light OutputThe fine-tuning adjustment allows you to set the amount of light and battery life your task needsA Swivel Magnet With Muscle Attach the light to any ferrous surface, set the angle, and lock the angle with the tension ring. The magnet is strong enough to attach to even the dirtiest surfaces. Universal Micro USB Charging CableWhen your included charger or cable is lost or damaged, you can easy to find any replacement from the market. Simplifying and Saving your time.